8 coolest Succession characters, ranked

After the previous episode’s events, Succession has one more chapter before it ultimately ends its run on Max. Throughout that whole time, four seasons to be exact, the beloved show revolving around Logan Roy, his family, and the company he built, has produced a number of characters that have endeared themselves to viewers. Even with questionable morality and deplorable acts, these people have made their mark on pop culture and people around the world. We take a look at the coolest characters from Succession and why they deserve to be on this list.

8 coolest Succession characters, ranked

8. Karolina Novotney

Starting off this list is no other than Karolina Novotnet, Waystar Royco’s PR head. After her introduction in season 1, Dagmara Dominczyk’s character has always maintained her cool and managed to overcome crisis after crisis for the Roy family. As compared to other more senior members of Logan’s team, like Karl Muller and Frank Vernon, Karolina has always evaded the ire of those above him by displaying a unique kind of calm no matter how significant the challenge ahead was.

Proof of that, of course, was when Logan suddenly died on the plane during the events of episode 3. While the whole family was breaking down afar, she maintained her icy composure and helped everyone through the immediate ordeal. This incident, along with many others, has placed Karolina way above most characters in Succession when it comes to coolness.

7. Connor Roy

No offense to Kendall or Shiv Roy, but when it comes to confidence, Connor is definitely on a whole different level. While the two certainly have their moments, they always end up on the losing side against Logan in Succession, mainly due to their inflated sense of self and entitlement. Connor, on the other hand, has always lived inside his own bubble and hasn’t allowed the whole mess of his family to bring him down.

Even when everyone blasted him for having a relationship with Willa or running for president, Connor has always stayed his course and chose to be a better person than most characters in Succession. Although he suffers from a lot of delusions, Connor’s positivity stands out from his siblings, making him cooler than them in some important aspects.

6. Gerri Kellman

It takes a certain kind of strength for a woman to stay on Logan’s team for a long time. That, and learning how to manipulate someone of Roman’s personality and eccentricity. Fortunately, Gerri Kellman has that fortitude and cunning in her to stay on top of her boss and his son throughout most of Succession’s run on Max.

While Gerri ultimately got the axe during the series’ latter episodes in season 4, helping the company get out of countless troubles is a big feather on her cap. Plus points too for getting Roman on her side during a lot of instances, even though he never slept with him once during the entire time Succession aired.

5. Lukas Matsson

Throughout the entire run of the show, few can actually match up to Logan when it comes to cunning and bravado. For sure, none of his children can match their father in those aspects, which makes Lukas Matsson such a force to be reckoned with. As it stands, the GoJo founder has what it takes to snatch up Waystar Royco and build it into something new, a feat Kendall, Shiv, or Roman wouldn’t be able to do on their own. Add his pirate-like courage and intense charisma whenever he appears, and viewers won’t help but root for the Swede to win it all on Succession.

4. Tom Wambsgans

In his first appearance on Succession, Tom seemed like a person dwarfed by Shiv and the family she belonged to. As the series progressed, viewers saw Tom evolve from someone chained to his wife to a person with a surprising sense of self-preservation that led to the Roy kids being estranged from their father. In between that, Tom managed to stay out of jail, get into the good graces of Logan, and kept Greg under his wing, among others. And as the series draws to an end, we see Tom transform from a naive individual to a hardened warrior forged by the crucible of Logan’s family. If that character arc isn’t cool, we don’t know what is.

3. Greg Hirsch

What started out as a parks employee puking through his mascot suit has now risen to the inner circle in Succession. Nicholaus Braun’s surprising run as Cousin Greg has endeared himself to viewers, thanks to a fun blend of awkwardness and ambition. It also helps that Ewan’s grandson always finds himself in the strangest of circumstances and ends up spending time with troubled characters in the show, such as Kendall, Tom, and Matsson. And throughout those moments, Greg has come out of those harrowing scenarios with his place in the company intact. And while it remains to be seen whether everyone’s favorite cousin will stay safe after the finale is done, there’s no question that Greg deserves to be included on this list.

2. Roman Roy

Although Connor is confident in his own style, Roman is the one that stands out from his siblings due to an innate coolness borne from his eccentricities. While Kendall’s cliche attitude in running a company can seem boring, and Shiv’s self-entitlement got in her way, Roman has stayed on course when it comes to his character. His one-liners, witty comebacks, and insane sarcasm have delighted millions who have followed Succession on Max for years.

And while there have been moments when his self-confidence dipped, particularly during the Investor Day presentation and his funeral speech for Logan, there’s no questioning the drive within Roman to come out on top when everything is said and done. As the series finale draws closer, things aren’t looking good for Logan’s youngest son. Even if that’s the case, Kieran Caulkin’s Roman is one guy a lot of people will be rooting for.

1. Logan Roy

Logan, the main character for most of Succession’s run on Max, is easily the coolest character in the show. Even at his advanced age, the people around him are drawn to his gravity, causing everyone’s lives to revolve around his whims and wishes. Thanks to his experience and impressive acumen as an entrepreneur, Logan has managed to stay on top of his rivals, and even his kids, consistently.

It took more than three seasons to finally take Logan out of the equation. And even then, the entirety of the show is still anchored to his memory as it comes closer to the series finale. This serves as a testament that when it comes to this show, Logan is truly the man.

Speaking of the finale, viewers should keep an eye out for the upcoming finale as it can tie up all the loose ends before the final resolution. Stay tuned to ClutchPoints Entertainment to find out more when the episode drops on Max.

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