WWE makes an astonishing decision about LA Knight’s future on SmackDown

After failing to appear on the first edition of SmackDown following the implementation of the WWE Draft rosters, LA Knight was roaming around the backstage area looking for something to do and someone to look at him the wrong way.

Fortunately, he found that person, or should I say persons, from which to start a problem with, as none other than the Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, were gearing up for an interview Megan Morant on the SmackDown LowDown, which “The Megastar” decided to crash in a spectacular display of machismo that not only got him some screen time but also landed him a new tag team partner that the WWE Universe isn’t too pleased about.

“My gosh, hey look, the two newest draftees to SmackDown and what, I guess they’re correspondents now, yeah? They’re just gonna talk about the other tag teams instead of being in the matches, right?” LA Knight asked rhetorically. “Now ain’t that special? That can’t make you guys feel good and I can relate to it, that’s gotta chap you a little bit, right?”

“You now what? You’re right,” Ford said. “Look who it is, it’s Mr. ‘Well let me talk to you,’ Now I sense a little bit of hostility about us coming to the Blue Brand.”

“I’m starting to sense it too,” Dawkins added. “And if he knows what’s good for him, he might want to mind his own business.”

This clearly didn’t sit the right way with Knight, who doesn’t like to have his authority challenged one bit.

“You don’t really mean that,” Knight responded. “You don’t really mean that, do you? If you really think about what this is, I can beat ya with anybody. I can beat you with anybody, hey buddy come here!”

LA Knight called over none other than Rick Boogs, who was Boogin’ out in the corner of the locker room.

“And what that means is that LA Knight and the Boogs are gonna bring down The Street Profits, yeah!” Knight concluded, before walking away with his pals.

So what gives? Is LA Knight, who has consistently killed it every time he’s been on television since about March, suddenly going to be buried in a tag team alongside an admittedly fun tag team partner who couldn’t get over alongside a similarly gimmicked partner in Elias? Or will things go south for LA and Boogs, leading to “The Megastar” turning on his impromptu partner before going after someone else, maybe a performer like Grayson Waller or Austin Theory, who can better match his wits on the mic? Either way, after largely mishandling Knight’s initial run on the main roster when he was working under the Max Dupri moniker, fans are clamoring to see “The Megastar” in action as himself, not in a tag team or as a manager.

Dutch Mantell believes LA Knight has all of the tools to be a WWE Superstar.

Discussing LA Knight as a performer on the SmackDown roster on Sportskeeda’s Smack Talk, WWE legend Dutch Mantell let it be known that WWE doesn’t have to worry about getting “The Megastar” over; they just need to embrace his act and give him the proper push.

“I don’t think LA Knight has to worry about getting over because he’s already over,” Mantell said. “Now they can just use him however they want. I don’t think the crowd reaction is going to change. And when they do something with him, he’s going to be massively over. He really is. If they’re acting like this without him beating anybody, give him a push.”

Pretty high praise, right? Well, Mantell didn’t stop there, as he decided to take things one step further to compare Knight to arguably the biggest WWE Superstar of all time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

“I think he’s a very valuable performer to them and they wanna take their time with him,” Mantell said. “I’d rather they take their time instead of trying to rush him. I think that helps him in the long run and that helps WWE… He kind of puts off a little bit of Stone Cold vibes to me. He goes, ‘Hey let me talk at you’ and people like that. I think he can go out there, and as the old saying goes, he can talk them into the building. You give him something hot and I think he’s gonna take off and run”

Considering “The Rattlesnake” is also a fan of LA Knight, putting the two performers’ names in the same sentence isn’t too farfetched, as they were long-rumored to work together at WrestleMania 39. If WWE is smart, they’ll lean into that comparison and at least give him an honest chance to get over instead of throwing him on Main Event matches for the fans in the areas.

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