The Usos shout-out a shocking Anoa’i family member on official WWE programming

Taking part in a seemingly simple video for WWE Digital, breaking down their famous wrestling family tree for fans out of the know, The Usos, Jimmy and Jey, ran through the lineage of the greater Anoa’i wrestling family. While they did leave off a few very notable members of their family tree, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his daughter Ava both left out of the discussion, one name who did get a shout-out is someone who doesn’t work for WWE at all, which is incredibly interesting, to say the least.

“It starts from the high top, High Chief Peter Maivia,” The Usos began, trading off lines in rapid fashion. “And then it goes to Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson, we’re gonna count him too. Then we’ve got Afa and Sika, you know what I’m saying? Then we come down to the Tonga Kid. And then it does to my dad, our dad, Rikishi, right? Samu, the Headshrinkers at the time. And then it goes to my dad’s other brother, Umaga, right? And then like he said, it goes to mighty Yokozuna, that’s my dad’s first cousin. RIP to Uncle Umaga, RIP.

“And then it foes from that class then it does one under which is The Usos, Jimy and Jey, who, our father is Rikishi, right? Them along with us, we can get to Roman Reigns, the ‘Tribal Chief,’ whose father is Sika from the Wild Samoans, right? Then it gets to Solo Sikoa, who is our dad still, Rikishi, right? And our younger brother. Oh and then we’ve got our cousin Manu, can’t leave him out, his dad is Uncle Afa from the Wild Samoans. Then we’ve got Lance, Lance of the White, he made a couple of debuts, against Shane McMahon. He’s out there, his dad is Samu, my dad’s cousin. Then we’ve got Tamina, she’s also out there too. Nia Jax, she’s big time. Low-key, we’re all related around this family tree.

“Then we’ve got ‘The Samoan Werewolf,’ Jacob Fatu. You’ll hear about him, his dad is Tonga Kid, right? There’s a lot of cousins out there on the independent scene that are still doing it. And there’s a few Usos down in NXT man, I can’t even remember. We’re all related.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the darn phone, did WWE, who could theoretically edit this video as they see fit since there are videos spliced in with the brothers’ conversations, actually leave in a shout-out to “The Samoan Wearwolf” Jacob Fatu, who famously works for MLW, the company who has been suing WWE for violating anti-trust laws since 2022? While much has been said in the past about whether or not WWE would hire the Tonga Kid’s son, as he’s had some trouble with the law and has reportedly had multiple un-successful tryouts with the company in the past, including his name with the phrase “you’ll hear about him” makes one wonder if maybe, just maybe, the 31-year-old will be making his way over to WWE in one form or another whenever his current contract with MLW comes to an end.

Jacob Fatu would “love” to join The Bloodline.

Is Jacob Fatu actually aware of all of the interest surrounding his inclusion in The Bloodline? Fortunately, fans were actually afforded an answer to that very question back in April, when, in an interview with Bullet Cast, Fatu explained that he’s heard all of the talk online about how he should land in WWE, and he appreciates it.

“They do, and I appreciate that,” Fatu said via Wrestling Headlines. “The grind is, you do the hard work where nobody can see it. I appreciate them and I appreciate everyone talking good about me because, my mother-in-law always says this, ‘truth should come to the light.’ The truth is definitely coming to the light because it’s all the hard work. Everything in the back that people don’t see. We’re here with the students, you appreciate the hard work that goes into this. I appreciate the fans saying that.”

Asked if he would like to join The Bloodline and work alongside his extended family, Fatu admitted that hitting the road with WWE would be pretty sweet, but he’s happy for his opportunities in MLW, too, as he’s spent 857 days and counting over the past five years as a champion in the promotion.

“Do I want to be there? Yeah, absolutely, but then again, I didn’t expect to be at MLW this long. It’s really in God’s hands,” Fatu said. “I’m thankful for it. I watch my brothers every day. Like Roman and my brothers say, they always call and tap in. They can say this and that about the family. Everyone is human. I love what they’re doing. That feeling of what they’re doing is real. If you ask me, it’s God’s timing. I’m going to leave it at that. There ain’t no telling.”

Would WWE actually consider signing Fatu? Would they be willing to overlook his legal issues – he was arrested for robbery at the age of 18 – and bring him in as part of The Bloodline as the closest thing to Umaga since actual Umaga? Or will he remain on the indies forever, with WWE and AEW opting against giving him a shot despite wrestling many of their talents on the indies? Fans will have to wait and see, as his contract with MLW reportedly runs through 2025.

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