‘The Honorary Uce’ Sami Zayn says goodbye to The Bloodline

After spending the better part of a year in or around The Bloodline, initially working for the faction as an associate, then joining the family as “The Honorary Uce” before ultimately falling out with Roman Reigns and The Usos culminating in matches at the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 39, Sami Zayn acknowledges that his time with the Anoa’i family has come to an end.

Speaking with Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes about his time working alongside Roman Reigns and company, Zayn noted that, while he enjoyed every minute of his time with the faction and will likely be remembered for the angle for a very long time, he’s ready to close the book on that chapter of his career and move on to something new.

“It’s hard to say because sometimes I do these things, I’m like, ‘Well, that was it. I don’t think I’ll do anything better than that,’” Sami Zayn said via Fightful. “But I’ve been pretty lucky in my career because I had 21 years before I did the Bloodline story, and for as many great things that I had done before, I still got to do something even greater with the Bloodline story. So I don’t know if that’s the only thing I’ll be remembered for. I really don’t know what I’ll be remembered for, and it’s kind of out of my hands, to be honest.

“But if it is something that is remembered fondly in the years to come, what more can you ask for? That’s wonderful. It was a blast. Sometimes the hidden laughter, or the clear chemistry between the performers on-screen and all that, it was just kind of a wired lighting-in-a-bottle, perfect stars aligning for these variables to create this thing. So many things went into creating something that just felt a bit special. So it would be very hard to recreate, but it’s done, more or less, and I’m glad I got to do it, and there’s not much more to say than that, other than I hope everybody enjoyed it and remembers it fondly.”

What’s next for “The Underdog from the Underground?” Will he and Kevin Owens enter into a new long-term feud with the tag team titles? Will Zayn, Owens, and Matt Riddle instead stay a trio and find a new faction to feud with, maybe The Judgement Day, who were drafted onto RAW? Or maybe they’ll team up with Cody Rhodes, who they hung out with in medical after his attack by Brock Lesnar? Regardless, to paraphrase Indi Hartwell – and Dr. Seuss – don’t feel sorry that it’s over, smile because it happened.

Another Anoa’i family member could replace Sami Zayn in The Bloodline.

With Sami Zayn’s run in The Bloodline officially over, some have wondered if a few new performers could make their way into WWE and fill out the faction with some new blood. Fortunately, the Anoa’i family is very big, and there’s a new generation of talent who haven’t been on WWE television just yet but could make their in-ring debuts on SmackDown or RAW down the line, including Zilla Fatu, the son of Umaga, who discussed how he would join the faction on an appearance on Chris Ortiz’s The Be Someone Podcast.

“I did (think about how I’d like to enter The Bloodline storyline). I just don’t wanna… But I’ll give y’all a little bit. It would just basically be me coming after the birthright of the table,” Anoa’i said via Post Wrestling. “Does that makes sense? It’s not gonna be me fighting for the belt. It’s gonna be me fighting for the necklace. It’s more to it though (he laughed). Stay tuned, stay tuned. But yeah, it’s just gonna be the birthright. Me coming in and yeah… Or that or just something along the lines with Ava. That’s Rock’s daughter. Something along with her. She’s in NXT. We’re the same age. So they might have her in the — I know they’re gonna put her in The Bloodline eventually. But, you know, me, her, Solo (Sikoa).”

Could WWE cultivate a new generation of The Bloodline, calling it something like “The Young Bloodline,” or “The Bloodline: The Next Generation?” Would a unit built around Zilla Fatu, Ava, and Sikoa, or even some of the other members of the extended family, like MLW’s The Samoan Swat Team, Jacob Fatu, Lance Anoa’i, and Juicy Finau? Only time will tell, but after investing literally years into this storyline and christening a new “bronze metal” belt to keep Roman Reigns at the top of the card, no new The Bloodline storylines should be surprising at this point.

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