FFXIV 6.4 – Live Letter 77 Summary, Patch Release Date, more

Here is a summary of the recently concluded Live Letter 77, which includes the rest of the news for Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Patch 6.4.

This is a summary of the FFXIV Live Letter that was held back on May 12, 2023. It covered the rest of the information for Patch 6.4, which is coming this month. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the summary.

FFXIV Live Letter 77 Patch 6.4 Summary

As with most live letters, FFXIV Live Letter 77 was hosted by Naoki Yoshida and Toshio Murouchi. They started the live letter by showing off the Japanese trailer for the upcoming patch, with the trailer in other languages launching soon after. The other available languages are US English, UK English, French, and German.


They then announced the release date of Patch 6.4 for FFXIV. The patch will come out on May 23, 2023. They then quickly ran through the contents of the previous live letter. This includes the new Main Scenario Quests (MSQ), various side quests, Relic weapons and tools, new dungeons, and trials. They also brought up the new Variant and Criterion dungeons and Duty Support for Stormblood dungeons. and more. For a full run-through of the contents, you can check out our article containing the previous Live Letter’s contents.

After the quick review, they then moved on to new news that was not covered in the previous live letter.

Job Adjustments

Primarily made balance adjustments to damage output within each role. No large-scale changes implemented

As it turns out, the team received a lot of feedback on Dark Knight (DRK). As such, the three other tanks (Paladin, Warrior, Gunbreaker)

Extended the radius of several party buffs to 30 yalms

Mainly buffs to abilities that contribute to increased damage dealt or reduced damage taken.
Yoshida told the fans that Leylines will not  be 30 yalms big, as fans jokingly said that this change will affect it.

Improved usability of certain job actions

The DRG changes were supposed to be implemented in 7.0, but they decided to implement them now
Paladin: Execution of Atonement will no longer interrupt a combo
Dragoon: Jump and High Jump will no longer affect the character’s position as recognized by the server. In accordance with this change, both actions can now be performed while bound
Full details will be in the patch notes

PvP Updates

PvP Series Four begins
Season Seven of Crystalline Conflict

Beginning in Season Seven, players who place within the top 100 rankings or Diamond tier and above will receive additional rewards, including an item that will allow them to apply an effect to hellhound weapons

Frontline Adjustments

New Ui element displaying match time and score
Adjustments to limit gauge fill rate/damage dealt/damage taken on a per-job basis
Daily Challenge: Frontline will now also award Series EXP
Borderland Ruins (Secure) is temporarily unavailable
The Fields of Glory (Shatter) rules adjusted

Changes to terrain and placement of icebound tomeliths
Data (score) acquisition has been adjusted

Allagan tomeliths have been removed, and thus can no longer be occupied for data
Large and small icebound tomeliths will now respawn

New Trial: The Voidcast Dais

Yoshida showed off the Trial’s arena, as well as some of the boss’s mechanics.
They showed off the Normal version of the Trial

Weapon Design Contest

They displayed the appearance of each of the weapons that won for each Job.
These are Tomestone Weapons, likely using the new Tomestones of Comedy
They also showed off the new gear designed

Pandæmonium: Anabaseios

Yoshida gave a preview of the ninth Pandæmonium raid (P9)
The boss is called Cocytus
Savage raid will come out the week after Patch 6.4

Unlock quest will become available without the need for maintenance

Savage raid reward changes

Adjustments to treasure coffers awarded in Pandæmonium: Anabaseios (Savage)

Coffers will not reward duplicate armor pieces for the same slot
Body gear can be earned from Anabaseios: The Eleventh Circle (P11)

A single treasure coffer will appear at the end of each savage encounter

Rewards are reduced if 1-4 players have already cleared the duty
No rewards if 5+ players have completed it

Anabaseios Mythos Exchange

Body Gear: Mythos IV x8 -> Mythos III x6
Leg Gear: Mythos III x8 -> Mythos III x6
Accessories: Mythos I x4 -> Mythos I x3
Mythos IV may be exchanged for Mythos I through III at a 1:1 rate
To be specific: Players can exchange any Mythos IV they have for any of the Mythos I through III. However, they cannot exchange their Mythos I – III for any of the other Mythos on that level.

They then showed off the raid gear for Anabaseios.

Island Sanctuary Updates

New sanctuary ranks and visions
New gathering area in the wilds
New construction plots in the hideaway
New item rewards
New materials, craftable items, crops, animals, isleworks handicrafts
New structures
Support for outdoor furnishings added to the hideaway

Furnishings can be placed near structures
A maximum of 90 slots can be unlocked via Island Sanctuary progress
Special furnishings like striking dummies and gardens will not be supported

Island Sanctuary Furnishings

Furnishings in your inventory may be placed on your isle as glamours

Furnishings placed as glamour will be bound to you, but not consumed.
Multiple glamours can be placed based on a single item
For example, if the player has one Moai statue, they can place it on the island as a glamour. The item will not be consumed. They can place multiple Moai statues from a single one in your inventory.

Players cannot dump their extra furnishings in the Island Sanctuary and treat it as storage.

Island prisms may be used to register furnishings, allowing you to place them even when not held in your inventory
You may change the color of furnishing glamour with dyes

Yoshida then demonstrates the furnishing system.
They also showed off new Island Sanctuary rewards, as well as new housing items from previous design contents. The winners of the 2022 design contest will be added in 6.5 onwards

Variant and Criterion Dungeon 2: Mount Rokkon

Parties of fewer than 4 players supplemented via matchmaking
Normal methods of resurrection prohibited

Each player has limited use of Variant Raise II

Defeated enemies do not revive after a party KO
Pre-formed parties of four can enter the Savage version of the dungeon

All methods of resurrection and Variant Actions are prohibited
All defeated enemies revive after the party KO
Enemies become stronger if not defeated within a certain time limit

Yoshida then demonstrated the new Variant Dungeon, showing off the new dungeon and its various paths.
They also showed off the dungeon’s rewards

They then showed off the new crafted gear coming to Patch 6.4
New Mounts
New Minions
Fan Festival Dates and Details

NA: Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas Convention Center. July 28 – 29, 2023.
UK: London, UK. ExCeL London. October 21 – 22, 2023.
JP: Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo Dome. January 7 – 8, 2023

Special Battle – The Gilded Araya

Players who attend the Fan Festivals can try out the Special Battle
Duty will come out at a later date

6.4 Patch Note Reading

Yoshida will discuss the 6.4 patch notes details during the maintenance
Monday, May 22, 2023, at 11:00 PM PDT

Immerse Gamepack FFXIV Edition Version 2.0 Update

Arrives with Patch 6.4
AI algorithm improvements create smoother transitions for audio when changing directions
Improvements to the sound library bring further depth and clarity to environmental audio
Until June 21, 2023, 6:59 PM PDT, the free trial period will be extended from 15 to 30 days

They also mentioned that players can now pre-order Final Fantasy XVI. For more details about the release of Final Fantasy 16, check out our dedicated release date article.

That’s all for our summary of all the information that was revealed during the FFXIV Live Letter 77. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.

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