Rey Mysterio sees the potential within Zelina Vega ahead of Backlash

Though he isn’t technically booked for a match at Backlash, Rey Mysterio got his big moment in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the night before, where, after fully embracing a feud with his son, Dominik Mysterio, he and fellow lWo member, Zelina Vega, wrestled a match against “The Eradicator of The Judgement Day” and her Kayfabe Dom Dom as a preview for the SmackDown Women’s Championship match. Requested by Rey as a “one last time” match, as lWo are staying on SmackDown whereas The Judgement Day has been drafted onto RAW,  the older Mysterio secured the win for his team by rolling up his son for the 1-2-3, leaving the entirety of The Judgement Day angry as all get out over the outcome of the event.

Fortunately, The Judgement Day didn’t get too many shots in before the show went off the air, as before Dom, Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest could get a massive beating in, who but Bad Bunny, the host of Backlash and (probably) main event performer came to the rescue and officially joined the group.

Sticking around backstage after SmackDown for a WWE digital web exclusive, Mysterio was asked about lWo facing off against The Judgement Day at Backlash, and the Hall of Famer let it be known that he believes Vega has everything it takes to become the new SmackDown Women’s Championship.

“I’ve seen how Zelina works before, I’ve seen how she grinds,” Mysterio said. “I’ve seen the dedication and the time she puts into this sport. There’s no doubt in my mind that she has the material to become SmackDown Women’s Champion, and I see that happening tomorrow. I’m not a ‘Visionary’ like Seth (Rollins), but I do see the potential within Zelina to beat Rhea Ripley.”

Should WWE pull the trigger on Vega becoming the new SmackDown Women’s Champion? That, folks, is a very interesting question; giving Vega the strap in Puerto Rico would be an incredible moment that would live on forever as one of her signature moments. Then again, Ripley is beyond over and has proven she might just be WWE’s next great female star, forming a soft feud with Bianca Belair on par with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Either way, after watching Ripley work with his son for the better part of a year, if Rey believes Vega could beat the current SmackDown Women’s Champion, that, in a way, is a win in and of itself.

Rey Mysterio has big love for Puerto Rico and Bad Bunny.

Elsewhere in his WWE digital exclusive, Mysterio was asked about returning to Puerto Rico for a match on SmackDown, and the WWE Hall of Famer let it be known that he considers the island a second home.

“Incredible,” Mysterio said. “Every time I’ve been to Puerto Rico, I feel like I’m at home. 2001 was my first time visiting this beautiful island, and the crowd was just incredible. I came back maybe three times after that now, it’s been almost two and a half years since I returned, but it’s like I never left. The connection we have here is solid, and the fact that, not only is it solid, but what we represent, the lWo, every hardworking Latino around the world, they see that, they feel it, and they’re with us at 1,000 percent.”

Mysterio was then asked about Bad Bunny officially joining the lWo and his prospects of taking out Damian Priest at Backlash. In the opinion of “The Mystery,” Bunny has all of the tools needed to come out of the show with his first-ever singles win.

“Oh, we feel privileged and honored for Bad Bunny to receive the shirt, put it on gracefully, and represent what we represent, the Latinos,” Mysterio said. “It’s incredible. I don’t know, I don’t think Bad Bunny needed superpowers for tomorrow, because he will take Damian Priest down, I know it, I’ve seen him train. He works hard, and he’s dedicated; he’s been a fan since he was a kid, but if that lWo shirt brings him some sort of superpower, then it would be incredible man, because the representation is to the fullest right now for all of the Latinos.”

Can Bad Bunny actually secure the win at Backlash? Well, Priest certainly doesn’t think so, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, as “The Punishment of The Judgement Day” has been wrong before and will certainly be wrong again in the future. If WWE wants to send the fans home happy, especially if Ripley retains her SmackDown Women’s Championship, giving Bunny the dub in San Juan is the play for sure.

EXCLUSIVE: @reymysterio can’t believe how wild #SmackDown was in Puerto Rico tonight, but says that tomorrow night will be even wilder when Bad Bunny and @ZelinaVegaWWE win their respective matches. #SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) May 6, 2023

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