Bad Bunny played right into Damian Priest’s hands at Backlash

When Bad Bunny challenged Damian Priest to a Puerto Rican Street Fight at Backlash in his native San Juan, it seemed like a pretty good idea for the international recording superstar; while fans of WWE know Bunny can go, it’s a whole lot easier to go to war against a performer like Priest when you can hit him with a kendo stick, stick him in a trash can, throw him through a table, or beat him to a pulp with a steel chair as he begs for mercy.

Unfortunately for Bad Bunny, a streetfight is not a one-way affair, and while he might be able to beat up Priest in a one-on-one match if he’s able to use any weapon or maneuver that comes to mind, allowing “The Punishment of The Judgement Day” to express his inner TLC probably isn’t the best idea, as he noted to Kayla Paxton on the most recent edition of The Bump.

“Yeah, I mean, did we forget this is what I do for a living?” Priest asked. “And you’re telling me you’re gonna fight me in a street fight? Like yeah, thank you! Thank you for making it even easier for me; now I can use whatever I want, do whatever I want to him, and not get in trouble. I’ve been, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been getting a lot of fines lately, so it’s gonna be nice to do whatever I want and not face any repercussions.”

Unfortunately for Bad Bunny, this might just be a classic case of picking the wrong stipulation; had Bunny chosen to instead take part in a tag team match with Dominik and Rey Mysterio inserted into the contest, maybe he would have a chance to come out on top, as he can probably wrestle as well as Dom, maybe even better. But going at it solo, in a streetfight no less, leaves little space to hide, especially in a match where tens of thousands of fans will be watching his every move.

“Keep your expectations low, I’m gonna hurt your boy.” @ArcherOfInfamy thinks @sanbenito bit off more than he can chew and says he won’t be holding back in their Street Fight Match at #WWEBacklash in Puerto Rico… #WWETheBump

— WWE (@WWE) May 3, 2023

Damian Priest has a detailed plan for how to take care of Bad Bunny.

Elsewhere in his appearance on The Bump, Priest was asked about his plan for the match, and he laid out his surprisingly detailed expectations for the contest, which will, unfortunately, leave a lot of Bad Bunny fans disappointed.

“Look, we all know Bad Bunny is extremely popular, you know? So I’m not going to pretend like I don’t know what’s coming,” Priest said. “I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of boos coming my way, but it’s not like I’m not used to that. You know, people don’t like what they can’t control and you can’t control me. You know, Bad Bunny does everything for the fans and that’s cool for him, that works for him but the only issue is, this is not a concert; this is a physical combat sport.

“Like, this is what I do for a living and I think he’s confused. Like I said on Monday, he lied to his fans, he’s got them all fooled. They actually think they can beat me and I get it, on paper, that sounds good to have his first-ever singles match, you know, a street fight in Puerto Rico in a high-profile match, I mean, it sounds all good on paper, I mean, it’s a dream come true for him, the only problem is I don’t think he’s really getting what’s happening. I’m gonna beat him up really bad, you know? Like, I’m not gonna be coming here, treating him like he’s a music artist, I’m gonna treat him like he’s a WWE Superstar. I’m gonna beat him just like I would anyone else, in fact, I might give him a little extra, just for the disrespect. So, to all of his fans, friends, family, guys, keep your expectations low; I’m gonna hurt your boy.”

Asked if he has a final message for Bunny, Priest kept it short and sweet, leaving little to the imagination about his intentions.

“Bad Bunny, whatever delusions you have, you need to get rid of them,” Priest concluded. “This Saturday, this isn’t a popularity contest, this isn’t a concert, this isn’t for fun; whatever aspirations you have are not gonna happen. You’re gonna get hurt, I’m gonna hit you as hard as I can, and I’m gonna embarrass you in front of your friends, your family, and your fans.”

Would WWE actually leave the fans in Puerto Rico with a bad taste in their mouths by having their hometown hero lose to their other hometown here, Damian Priest? Based on how Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania 39 ended up, that’s entirely possible, but frankly, it feels somewhat unlikely; WWE has a great relationship with Bad Bunny, and putting him over feels like the play, making Priest’s comments nothing more than old-school heel posturing.

.@ArcherOfInfamy sends one final warning to @sanbenito ahead of their Street Fight Match at #WWEBacklash this SATURDAY in Puerto Rico. #WWETheBump

— WWE (@WWE) May 3, 2023

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