Thunder Rosa prays she gets another shot at this AEW star

Thunder Rosa hasn’t wrestled a match on AEW television since all the way back in August of 2022, when she successfully defended her AEW Women’s World Championship in a match against Jamie Hayter at Battle of the Belts III, who wasn’t quite as over as she is today. That title defense, her fifth following a huge Steel Cage match victory at St. Patrick’s Day Slam over her arch-rival, Dr. Britt Baker DMD, would prove to be her last, as the then champ had to step away from AEW with a back injury that initially seemed short-term, so much so that Tony Khan opted against stripping her title, but has stretched on deep into the future; eight months into the future, to be exact.

Since then, Rosa has largely stayed out of the spotlight, with far more said about her than expressed by her, but with AEW: All Access bringing much of that ill-will back to the surface, “La Mera Mera” Thunder Rosa has been forced to re-address her injury and discuss how hard reliving a particularly tough period in her life has been. Fortunately, Rosa was afforded a chance to address just that on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, and after talking about her own recovery process, she turned her attention to the future and the one match she prays to wrestle in the future.

“I want to make sure we focus on the women’s division now,” Rosa said via Fightful. “I’m not there in the ring. I’m not a superhero to be able to get in the ring. We have to respect the people that are now representing the company. I have talked to the locker room. I took accountability for the things that some people had issues with me, and I went out there and apologized. That’s the best thing I can do. I want to make money. I want to make sure I can work with everyone, regardless if we have any issues or not. At the end of the day, I’m booked to wrestle, unfortunately I can’t wrestle right now. I’m human, I don’t pretend to be a superhuman. I’m not here to be a martyr and I don’t want to be a victim. Right now, there is no storyline between Britt Baker and I. God as my witness, every morning and every night, I pray to God that there is one thing I want to do and one thing only. Not to get the championship, but to settle this in the ring, for once and all, and wrestle Britt Baker and show the world what a real professional wrestler is.”

Folks, that is a hard quote; Rosa clearly wants that smoke, to paraphrase the Street Profits, and based on Baker’s own comments on the subject, it would appear the feeling is mutual. If Rosa can ever get cleared to wrestle again, getting her in another ring – with or without a cage – versus Baker has serious big-match potential, and could provide AEW with some of the drama the promotion’s televised product has been lacking.

Britt Baker isn’t sorry about her complaints about Thunder Rosa in AEW.

Making her own appearance on Busted Open Radio to help promote AEW: All Access, Baker was asked about her issues with Rosa, specifically with the decision to keep her on as Interim Champion, which was decided by Khan. Baker’s response is illuminating though maybe not in a way that paints her in the best light,

“I never said anything about the interim title stuff being her fault, but if you can go to Toronto for two weeks for a convention, and then we go to Toronto two weeks later for Dynamite, I don’t understand why she can go one time and then not go with the company and the team that she works for,” Baker said via Fightful. “We are a team, and it’s a family, and we have a family member that’s not pulling their weight. Even if you can’t wrestle, you can be there. You can be there and hype the girls and the locker room up. You are the champion. That’s a responsibility. It’s not just a shiny title you can cart around the United States and sign autographs for.”

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say Baker just genuinely doesn’t like Rosa, and, based on “La Mera Mera’s” “prayers” comments, the feeling is very much mutual. If AEW continues to employ both women and they are both cleared to compete at the same time, this could turn into an All Out war, maybe even at All Out, the Pay-Per-View.

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