DNF Duel Release Date: When is DNF Duel coming out?

Arc System Works, 8ing, Nexon, and Neople have been working closely together to create a new high octane fighting game for a new generation of fighting game fans. Based on the world’s popular MOARPG, Dungeon Fighter Online (Or Dungeon & Fighter/Arad Senki), DNF Duel is a 2.5D fighter featuring simple but intuitive combat systems, over-the-top combat sequences, and colorful visuals, all while sporting Arc System Works’ signature 2.5D anime style.

While Dungeon Fighter Online has only seen minor success within western territories, Neople has been looking to expand on the Dungeon & Fighter brand for years, as they plan to release several new games within the Dungeon & Fighter universe within the coming years. With DNF Duel being one of those planned releases, Neople managed to get things off on the right foot by offering several open beta tests that won over the fighting game community and newcomers alike.

As DNF Duel approaches its June release, Neople has released several new details on the game, including game modes, new playable characters, and more.

DNF Duel Release Date: June 28th, 2022

DNF Duel is coming out on PC through Steam and PS4 and PS5 on June 28, 2022. A Nintendo Switch version will follow on April 20, 2023.

Playable characters

DNF Duel will feature 16 unique playable characters, all pulled from the Dungeon Fighter Online roster. While most of the characters has has been revealed, some of them have been leaked in various ways including glimpses of characters in the Korean teaser trailer, to leaked box art along with info descriptions on the Japanese PSN website. The following characters revealed are:

Dragon Knight
Lost Warrior
Swift Master

A sixteenth character was made available as a DLC character post-launch, but also comes with the base Nintendo Switch version of the game:


Story Mode

Players can experience the world of Dungeon & Fighter through various comic book style cutscenes, along with visual novel style dialog sequences. DNF Duel’s Story mode comes complete with a gallery of images that can be unlocked through completing missions within the story mode, as well as a glossary of information for those that want more insight into the lore of the game world.

As part of the wider Dungeon Fighter Online universe, DNF Duel takes place in an astral plane full of gates, one of many alternate realities created in the aftermath of the destructive event known as the Great Metastasis. Each gate connects to other places in time and space exist, allowing its inhabitants to cross to other dimensions at will. Suddenly, the gates malfunction and ultimately shut down altogether, in an event known as “The Day the Doors Closed”, and as their powers faded into myth the gates became known as “Wonders”.

Moving forward to the present day, the fates of several adventures and warriors begin to converge in the Principality of Bel Myre. Each arm with its own “Wills”, the special power that hides its true potential has recently awakened the Wonders once again and upholds the future fates of both gates and multiverse.

Practice Mode

Whether you’re a fighting game veteran or learning for the first time, DNF Duel’s Practice Mode will gear players with tutorials on how to play the game, along with advanced techniques that will help players compete. Along with tutorials, Practice mode will offer a large set of tools for players to perfect their play style.

Local Mode

For those that want to play alone or with a friend, DNF Duel’s Local Mode offers a traditional arcade mode where players must battle against a set number of opponents before taking on a final boss. Local Mode also features a unique survival mode where players will fight to see how long they can last on a single bar of HP. However, players can also use score points during survival mode to purchase stat buffs such as increased attack damage or defensive boosts, further adding a unique gameplay element that’s reminiscent of Dungeon Fighter Online. Lastly, Local Mode offers a free battle option where players can set up matches against CPUs or against a second player in 1-on-1 fights.

Online Mode

For those that want to take on the world, DNF Duel’s Online Mode offers a ton of options for competitive players. Ranked matches are available for those who want to climb the ladder and battle against opponents who are close to the player’s skill level. For those that want something more chill, players can also set up custom lobbies with various options to fit the tone and competitive level of the room. Players in online mode will also have the opportunity to set up a player profile that showcases their own personal details including their favorite character, play style, and more. Lastly, for those that want to get serious about their competitive growth, the replay library is available for players that want to view and examine their own matches to learn from their successes/mistakes or watch replays from the best players around the world.



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