Chad Gable thanks Triple H for getting him over with the WWE Universe

If there’s one member of the WWE Universe who has benefitted the most from Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s newfound leadership atop the company’s creative department, it’s Chad Gable.

Sure, the man criminally known as Shorty G wasn’t released due to “budget cuts” or suddenly saved from being a fixture of catering, he was still used on WWE television from time to time both as a solo act and as a member of the Alpha Academy, but under Levesque’s watch, the Olympic wrestler went from a joke played up for comedy to a fun, funny, nuanced character who turned in as many signature moments in the ring as on the microphone. When asked about how Levesque has impacted his career by Ryan Satin as part of a special WrestleMania 39 weekend Out of Character podcast taping, Gable thanked WWE’s creative lead for allowing him to be him.

“I mean, that’s definitely a possibility now that you mention that, and, like, I think the way that Hunter has used me over the past eight, nine months has allowed me to show everybody what I can do technically, also on the character side of things and what that does, I think, in the long-term, is earns the trust of our fans because they sniff that out and it’s not just a thing where, ‘oh yeah, he’s a good wrestler,’ no, he’s also entertaining us in the meantime, and it’s a guy that we start to, like, get behind, even though he’s kind of a jerk sometimes,” Gable said. “And I really got a sense of that after the Suplex on Brawn (Strowman at WrestleMania 39) that you mentioned. It was like, I did this thing and it got the initial, like, ‘oh my gosh’ from everybody but then, about 15 seconds later, it got, like, a nod of respect round of applause from everybody, which is like ‘thank you’ almost like a thank you to me and to have that kind of acknowledgment and just, like, respect from the audience now in that building, it feels really, really rewarding.”

You’ve gotta give it to Gable, the last nine months of his WWE run have been unimaginable when compared to his run under Vince McMahon, which effectively wiped away all of the goodwill built up in NXT during his time with the Americans Alphas. If Levesque is to truly remain in charge as the creative lead of WWE, which Nick Khan said he will, Gable’s impressive run should continue on as well.

Chad Gable and Otis hope they started a new WrestleMania tradition.

Elsewhere in the live edition of Out of Character, Gable and his Alpha Academy partner in crime, Otis, were asked about their showcase match at WrestleMania 39, which also featured the Street Profits, Ricochet and Brawn Strowman, and The Viking Raiders. While some thought the match was added to the card simply to give a few more performers a spot on the card, Gable and Otis think they did such a good job that WWE should make the match an annual tradition.

“Oh yeah, when you get those kind of characters in the ring, something’s gonna happen, right baby?” Otis responded. “Like yeah, it’s one of those things were, like, you got a bunch of big men, big, hairy men, jucy, sweaty boys and you got these stud athletes like Chad Gable, Ricky, Ricochet, um, so it’s like, yeah, you got Angelo Dawkins, who just speared Strowman on the d**n floor on that mat, couldn’t believe it, man, Dawkins is a force to be reckoned with and I know that I spent a lot of nights on the other side of the ring with him and of course Montez Ford, what a nut but I love that guy.”

“And to your point, like, I think when that match got announced, a lot of people thought ‘oh, they’re just throwing this on the card to get a bunch of guys a match,’ which, whatever, fair enough, but we didn’t look at it that way,” Gable added. “I think all of us treated it like, ‘this is our chance, chip on our shoulder, we got a chance to prove something here that not only did we deserve to be on the show from the beginning, but if they’re gonna do it and call it a showcase thing, that’s exactly what we’re gonna give them’ and don’t be surprised if years from now, like, going forward, this becomes a tradition where they do this showcase thing because we showed them what they can do when they give us an opportunity like that.”

Should WWE add certified spotfests to both days of WrestleMania moving forward? In the opinion of Otis, the answer is simple.

“Book it,” Otis declared.

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