Succession season 4 episode 4 ending explained

Last week’s installment of Succession shocked everyone when Logan Roy met his demise, potentially leaving his kids to fight an uphill battle to gain control of Waystar Royco. Also, Connor finally got hitched to Willa as all hell broke loose with the death of the former’s father. This week, though, we see the fallout unfold for Logan’s children and how it will affect the rest of the season. Learn more from this Succession season 4 episode 4 ending explained.

Succession season 4 episode 4 ending explained

This week’s Succession season 4 episode 4 recap starts with Kendall and Roman starting the morning thinking about their late father in their respective places. While this is happening, Shiv finds out that she is healthy after the medical tests she took didn’t lead to anything serious.

After a few hours, Kendall attends a gathering behind held in Logan’s residence and finds Marcia there. The Waystar Royco founder’s ex-partner gives her condolences to Kendall while mentioning that they have been speaking on a nightly basis before Logan’s demise. He joins Roman and Shiv in another room and asks whether they know what Marcia has been saying about talking consistently with Logan even after they separated. They then discuss the upcoming board call and what they’re going to do about it. They see Tom join Frank, Gerri, Karolina, and Karl in another room as they all proceed to talk about who’s going to be the next CEO.

Greg joins the three Roy kids and offers his condolences to them. Right before he can discuss the upcoming board meeting, Roman dismisses him as Kendall and Shiv advise him not to take Lukas Matsson’s call at the moment. Meanwhile, Karl, Gerri, and Tom discuss who among them will take on the duty of becoming CEO. Back in the other room, Roman finally calls Matsson, with Oskar, one of the latter’s subordinates, answering the phone. He tells the three that Matsson is unavailable at the moment, leading the Roy kids to ask Oskar if they’re still interested in buying Waystar Royco. He replies that they’re going to have an annual retreat soon and invites one of them or a senior official to visit so they can discuss the deal.

Shiv answers back by saying their dad just died, and the elections are coming up, leaving them in a momentary bind. As this is happening, Connor and Willa arrive, with Marcia attending to the newly-married couple. She agrees to sell her old place with Logan for $63 million. Frank, meanwhile, takes Karl to another room and presents a document that has left the latter worried. Gerri suddenly arrives and finds out about Logan’s last will. She tells the two that the document won’t stand because the board will choose Logan’s successor, alluding that the late Waystar Royco founder wanted one of his kids to take over.

Willa and Connor join the three and they all discuss how they’re all doing after their father passed away. Hugo enters the room and delivers a handful of newspapers containing Logan’s obituaries. After informing them that the board will assemble soon, Hugo asks for a moment with Kendall and tells him that his daughter sold a lot of Waystar Royco stock before Logan went public with the company. Kendall leaves disappointed after asking him if there’s proof of the conversation they had about the matter.

Tom comes up and invites the three to speak with the others in the library. Frank informs them about Logan’s new will and his updated wish for Kendall to take over as CEO. He adds that the family isn’t the major stockholder of the company anymore. Shiv, for her part, inspects the letter and questions whether Logan underlined Kendall’s name or tried to cross it out. This leads the group to debate whether Kendall should be the next CEO or not, especially with the board retaining the power to pick Logan’s successor.

Greg arrives to join them as Frank informs him that he’s also included in Logan’s last will in a questionable manner. Tom comes up shortly after to inform the group that something is happening downstairs, as they all agree to reconvene before the board meeting. Frank and Kendall are left on their own as the former asks if the will is real. Frank reiterates that there’s a chance Logan might’ve changed his mind, even after all the animosity between them over the years. He mentions that Logan loved him no matter what happened between them.

Tom speaks to Shiv about recent events, including how Logan died and what they could’ve done to prevent that incident. Tom tries to console his ex-wife after she starts to break down by mentioning how they first meet. Before their conversation can grow deeper, Shiv leaves Tom to join Roman and Kendall. They find out from Marcia that Jeryd Mencken is about to arrive, much to Shiv’s disapproval.

After hearing a speech about their father in the dining room, Stewy and Sandy Furness arrive to pay their respects. Meanwhile, Kerry breaks down as Marcia prevents her from going upstairs. As she is handed her stuff, Roman consoles Kerry with the latter mentioning that they were about to be married. She asks Roman if she could check if Logan left a note about their plans together. After the commotion, Kendall tries to speak to Shiv alone but the latter walks away. Tom, meanwhile, tells Roman that there’s a chance Logan might’ve changed his mind about the will since he just accepted his youngest child back in the fold.

In another room, Stewy comforts Kendall for his loss. The latter then informs his friend about the will and asks to vouch for him to the board. Shortly after, Kendall gets Roman and Shiv to talk about Logan’s will. He pitches that one of them should become CEO as they merge ATN with Pierce. The three make their respective cases for why they should each be chosen for the position. The siblings agree that Roman and Kendall be both chosen as co-heads of Waystar Royco, with Shiv joining them unofficially. The latter reluctantly says yes to her brothers’ offer as Gerri arrives to get them.

Back in the library, Stewy joins the group as they all discuss what to do. Roman and Kendall offer themselves with the old guard questioning their joint proposal. After a short discussion, Frank, Karl, and the others agree to the brothers’ pitch. As this is happening, Shiv walks out and loses her balance in a different room while a lot of people, including Tom and Stewey, see what happened to her.

Over in Logan’s office, Karolina and Hugo walk the brothers through what they need to do when the markets open. After choosing an option that would strengthen their father’s memory, a way to solidify their position to the board, Kendall goes to the bathroom and examines a picture of Logan’s will, specifically the part with his name on it. After doing so, he approaches Hugo and tells him to release negative information about Logan, including what he did to Connor’s mother and his relationship with Kerry. Kendall adds that he needs to do this on his own without informing Roman and Karolina.

What just happened? A Succession season 4 episode 4 recap

In this Succession season 4 episode 4 recap, we see the fallout of Logan’s death during a gathering in his residence. In it, we see various characters from seasons past converge with the current cast as the quest to find a new CEO rages on. In the middle of it all is the discovery of an updated will with Kendall being chosen by Logan as his successor.

After several discussions full of tension and conflict, the decision for Kendall and Roman to step up is made, much to the detriment of Shiv. The episode ends with Kendall tasking Hugo to release negative information about his dad to solidify their position to the board and to the public, without Roman’s approval of the matter. It remains to be seen how this recent decision will play out as the final season of Succession approaches. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out what happens.

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