Minecraft Legends Unlockable Mounts

Minecraft Legends is almost out in about a few days and we are more than happy to share any information we find with you guys. The game is set to be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X|S on April 18, 2023. In this article, we let you know all there is to all the unlockable mounts and guide you in the Minecraft Legends game: Where to get them, how to get them, and what special things they can do for you in the game.

Minecraft Legends and all its unlockable mounts

In Minecraft Legends, there are three unlockable mounts that are located in certain biomes. The biomes will appear as a question mark on your map and compass when you get close to these locations. Keep in mind that not every question mark is a mount. Sometimes, these are towers or golems that you can find within the game. Once you reach the specific biome, you can walk up to these mountable creatures and choose to “Swap” which will unlock the mount.


The horse mount is the starting mount in Minecraft Legends, it allows the players to move faster during the early stages of the game.

Bird Mount

The bird mount is called the Big Beak and can be found in the jagged peaks biome. The Big Beak is generally preferred for exploring the map of Minecraft Legends as it can double-jump and also float. This makes for a great choice to be an all-around mount in the game.

Bug Mount

The bug mount is called the Brilliant Beetle and can be found in the jungle biome. The Brilliant Beetle excels at going through obstructions and walls which makes it an excellent choice for invading bases in the game.

Cat Mount

The cat mount is called the Regal Tiger and can be found in the dry Savannah biome. The Regal Tiger in Minecraft Legends appears to be an armored upgrade to the starting mount, the Horse. As of now, no other information is out yet but will be found out once the game comes out in a few days.

Take note that everyone’s world is different from one another. There is no exact spot in each biome to look at so you will need to explore the map until you get to your desired biome. Of course, you can view the biome you are in by opening your map and putting the cursor on the area that you are in or near. There are chances that there may be more mounts that you can unlock via taming just like in the base game of Minecraft. While we are still waiting for the release of the game, the best is for us to wait, see, and experience the game ourselves.

Are Minecraft Legends Mount Skins Available?

Yes, there are mount skins available in Minecraft Legends. You can acquire five of them by getting a copy of the Deluxe edition of the game. While the number of mount skins in Minecraft Legends could be limited at the earlier part of the game while updates are not yet available, there could be more than what we know of now that will be added to the mix in future patches, DLCs, and updates.

Of course, more on the latest updates, news, and events on Minecraft Legends like this guide on how to get all unlockable mounts in the game here on ClutchPoints Gaming!

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