Chandeleure blasts his way to Pokemon UNITE!

Chandelure may come off as a surprise to a lot of Pokemon UNITE trainers but Chandelure is blasting its way into Pokemon UNITE! It was officially announced that Chandelure will be out on Pokemon UNITE by April 27 but for now, Chandelure can be played in the Beta Test Server. Thanks to Spragels on Youtube, we can share with you our quick review of Chandelure’s Pokemon Unite moveset and see how viable it is in the game.

It’s a Candelabra and it’s freakishly powerful!

Yes, Chandelure is a Candelabra and it is quite obvious. If you have played the main Pokemon game or even Pokken DX, you would easily recognize that this Pokemon is actually very powerful. We’re all excited when Chandelure will be available in the main Pokemon UNITE game but we still need to confirm when the release will be. Until then, we can take our time to actually review and practice what the moveset is and what its abilities are.

Basic Attack

Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage when it hits.

Ability: Infiltrator

When the Pokemon with this Ability deals damage to opposing Pokemon, its next attack partially ignores the opposing Pokemon’s Sp. Def. This effect can stack up to 0 times maximum.

Move 1: Ember

Cooldown: 7.5secs

Effect: Area

Has the user shoot out a small flame, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits, decreasing their movement speed, and leaving them burned. For a short time after this move is used, it can be used again.

Move 2: Night Shade

Cooldown: 7.5secs

Effect: Hindrance

Makes opposing Pokemon in the area of effect see a frightening mirage, dealing damage to them and marking them. When the user deals damage again to marked opposing Pokemon, those Pokemon are left unable to act for a short time.

Move 1 Option 1: Fire Blast

Cooldown: 7.5secs

Effect: Area

Has the user shoot an intense blast of fire in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and leaving them burned. The end of the blast explodes, dealing increased damage. If the explosion hits an opposing Pokemon, this move’s cooldown is reduced.

Upgrade: When the explosion at the end of the blast hits an opposing Pokemon, the user deals increased damage for a short time.

Move 1 Option 2: Mystical Fire

Cooldown: 5secs

Effect: Ranged

Has the user throw consecutive flames in an arc into the designated area up to 0 times, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon they hit and leave them burned. When a flame hits an opposing Pokemon, the user gains one heat energy. If this move is used again, the user shoots out an exploding flame, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits based on the user’s amount of heat energy and leaving them burned. After using the follow-up attack, the user cannot use basic attacks for a short time.

Upgrade: Reduce’s this move’s cooldown.

Move 2 Option 2: Poltergeist

Cooldown: 10secs

Effect: Area

Has the user create a zone of mysterious power, as well as mirages of floating furniture – such as tables and chairs – inside it. Any opposing Pokemon that comes in contact with a mirage takes damage and has its movement speed decreased. Opposing Pokemon that step on the zone’s border will also have their movement speed decreased.

Upgrade: Further decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon that step on the zone’s border.

Move 2 Option 2: Imprison

Cooldown: 8secs

Effect: Hindrance

Has the user create a zone in front of itself. The first opposing Pokemon caught in it will be left unable to act, and all opposing Pokemon in or that enter the zone become imprisoned and cannot use moves.

Upgrade: All opposing Pokemon caught in the zone when it is created will be left unable to act.

Unite Move: Ignite Midnight

Effect: Buff

The user seals the area around itself in darkness and obscures opposing Pokemon’s vision for a short time. If this Unite Move is used again, the user continuously fires a beam of fire in a designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits. The beam can be directed while fired, and its final blast deals increased damage.

Recommended Builds for Chandelure in Pokemon UNITE

In this Chandelure Pokemon Unite Review, we now know Chandelure’s Pokemon Unite Moveset, let’s talk about builds. In Pokemon UNITE, you don’t really have to buy items during a match but instead, you are given the option to pre-select what items will be Held by the Pokemon. Make sure that you have the correct Held Items and that pre-select the best skills possible for this Pokemon.

Option 1: Mystic Fire and Imprison

For this build, you will be utilizing Chandelure’s Pokemon Unite Moveset Mystic Fire and Imprison. Mystic Fire is your main damage output as you can hit your enemies multiple times as long as you get Heat Energy up by hitting opposing Pokemon with your skill. This actually has high damage output and the cooldown for it is actually pretty insane. Imprison on the other hand is really for controlling where your enemies will be at and making sure that they are in a position where you can hit them multiple times with Mystic Flare or even your Unite Move, Ignite Midnight. The way to do this is to cast Imprison and then hit enemies with Mystic Flare. For each time that you hit them with Mystic Flare, the cooldown will be reduced letting you release more bombs toward their way dealing a huge amount of damage that could potentially knock out opposing Pokemon.

Held Items that are necessary for this build would be Sp. Atk Specs, Choice Specs, and Slick Spoon. Sp. Atk Specs gives the user increased Sp. Atk. every time you score a goal. Regardless if it’s just 1 or 50, it still gives an additional 16 Sp. Atk. Choice Specs adds a minimum of 60 damage to moves when they hit. The higher the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk is, the more this additional damage is increased. Slick Spoon makes damage dealt by your Pokemon’s Sp. Atk. attacks ignore 10% of opposing Pokemon’s Sp. Def. All of these Held Items are really focused on making sure that Chandelure does the highest possible damage output and all you have to do is to stack during the early stages of the game.

Again, to recap this Chandelure Pokemon Unite Review Build Recommendation, you must have the correct Held Items to maximize damage output. Maximize your Sp. Atk Specs by stacking 6 times at the enemy goal even if it’s just 1 Aeos Energy. Then, in terms of team fights, stop opposing Pokemon in their tracks by trapping them with Imprison and spam Mystical Fire all the way until you have dealt enough damage. You have a lot of potential with dealing heavy damage against multiple targets so make sure that your hits land where it counts. When you are in a pinch, make sure to utilize your Unite Move and position yourself in a better place, and hit the Ignite Midnight blast against opposing Pokemon.

The Verdict: Chandelure is actually pretty insane!

It is undeniable that Chandelure deals a massive amount of damage against the opposing Pokemon team. By spamming Mystic Fire against opposing Pokemon, you are a force to be reckoned with. Of course, Chandelure is a little brittle so make sure that you are in a prime position to dish out those huge damage output attacks. It might be hard for some to play this Pokemon if you die too often and coming back from that in a 10-minute-long game may be quite a challenge. Chandelure Pokemon Unite Release date has been officially announced to be on April 27 and while it’s still in the Beta Test Server we better try it out soon.

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Best of luck, Trainers!

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