FTR announce ‘one last ride’ farewell tour after spurning WWE for four more years in AEW

After officially winning the AEW World Championships on Dyamite, spurning free agent interest from WWE in order to re-up with Tony Khan’s company for four more years, FTR decided to take to the ring on the April 14th edition of Rampage in order to address their legion of fans and lay down their plans for the future.

For fans, this was more or less expected, as champions love to give this sort of promo after winning the big one, usually to set up a feud for the future, but this conversation was purely between Tony Schiavone, Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood, and all of their fans, with a sort of fait accompli regarding the team’s future in professional wrestling.

“Thank you, Tony, and thank you, everybody here tonight. I just wanna say: two years and five months. It took us two years and five months from the day we lost these AEW Tag Team Titles to the day we won these AEW Tag Team Titles for the second time. And now we can say, and NEW, two-time AEW tag team champions.

“So there’s been a little bit of speculation about FTR’s future. What we’re gonna do, where we’re gonna be, and I have the unfortunate news to tell you all that you are stuck with FTR for another four years, because we are still All Elite. So when we lost these titles, it was the hardest climb back to the top that we’ve ever had. But you guys never gave up on us. So this isn’t about what we’ve done, this is about what we’re gonna do, because we have four more years, and when we’re done with those, we’re done with wrestling, but until then, until then for the next four years, we’re gonna give you every single thing we have in our body until the wheels fall off, because we are FTR, and we are not stopping until we are the greatest tag team of all time.”

Whoa, what was that part about being “done with wrestling?” Do they mean, like, done with wrestling for a televised weekly wrestling program or like done, done, without making regular appearances on the indies like their idols, the Midnight Express, or even Bret Hart, who has managed the team on occasion on the indies? Fortunately, Harwood decided to join in on the conversation to provide a little more insight on the team’s future.

“This is our redemption story.”
Two-time #AEW World Tag Team Champions #FTR (@DaxFTR @CashWheelerFTR) with a message for everyone right now on #AEWRampage on TNT!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) April 15, 2023

Dax Harwood doubles down on FTR’s commitment to “one last ride” in AEW.

Never one to let a chance to talk go to waste, Harwood decided to get in on the fun as well and let the AEW Universe know that he and Wheeler are going to give it their all over the next four years, just like the fans have come to expect from the semi-haired duo.

“So it’s easy to say that we weren’t supposed to make it, okay? And everybody’s been there, but man, you guys ain’t supposed to like us, and I mean that. You guys ain’t supposed to like us. And I started thinking to myself, why? Why do y’all like us? Is it the, exquisite good looks? No, it ain’t, it ain’t that. And then I was like, hold on a second, maybe it’s our chiseled from granite bodies? H*ll no! That sure as h*ll ain’t it. And then I dug down deep, and I started thinking, man, this is our redemption story. This is our redemption story, and you’ve all been there.

“Life has beaten us all down. Beaten us to the ground, to the point we don’t know if we can make it. To the point we think, ‘how am I gonna pay the bills, huh? How am I gonna feed my family? How am I gonna put clothes on my back?’ But you know what we’ve all done, every single one of you? We’ve all fought. We’ve pulled ourselves up and we fought. And that’s why we’re all here tonight, because we fought for this. And so now, now with this being our redemption story, the only difference between us and all of y’all is y’all. That’s the only difference. For the last ten years, we’ve had you in our corner. We’ve had you in our corner, and we fought. You kicked us in the a** and you said ‘keep going,’ and we kept going. So now, now it is time for us to repay you. It’s time for us, for the next four years, one last ride. FTR repays you, we give you every ounce of blood, every ounce of passion we have and love we have to you, and we do it for you, we do it for professional wrestling, and we do it for four years for AEW. Top Guys, out.”

Folks, this is a classic good news, bad news situation; on one hand, four more years of FTR working at the top of their game is a pretty incredible opportunity, but hanging up the boots forever when that run comes to an end in 2027 certainly puts a bitter cherry on top of an otherwise sweet sundae. Enjoy FTR while you can, because they aren’t going to be around forever.

4 more years #AEWRampage

— Uncle Dax FTR (@DaxFTR) April 15, 2023

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