Why Bryce Young would be perfect fit for Texans in 2023 NFL Draft

The Houston Texans own the second overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. There are many ways this can go, of course, but the no-brainer move is to pick a quarterback. Here we’ll look at the reasons why Bryce Young would be a perfect fit for the Houston Texans in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Given the Texans’ significant need for a quarterback and their second overall draft pick, any comments regarding the top quarterback prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft will be highly scrutinized. It’s possible that the Texans will have the opportunity to choose from a range of talented quarterbacks, depending on what the Chicago Bears do with their first overall pick. Keep in mind that the Bears could select a young quarterback and trade Justin Fields or pass the pick to a team in need of a quarterback.

No matter what, though, Bryce Young should be the top prospect for the Texans. The only way he won’t go to Houston is if he gets picked at No. 1. We feel like it’ll be CJ Stroud going at the start of the NFL Draft, though.

Still, Young is potentially going to be very good at the pro level. He won the Heisman Trophy in 2021 and was a two-time All-American. He has also shown remarkable passing ability, high-level instincts for the quarterback position, and excellent arm talent throughout his college career. Young’s accuracy and football IQ stand out as his two defining qualities. He can deliver precise throws to all parts of the field, even in tight windows. Despite concerns over his size, Young has consistently demonstrated his accuracy, ability to read defenses, and playmaking skills at a high level in the SEC. All of which should translate well to the NFL.

Houston GM Nick Caserio should not overthink this. It’s either Stroud or Young, but Young will likely be the guy.

Not only did this performance secure Alabama’s spot in the 2021 SEC Championship game, but it helped @_bryce_young‘s secure the Heisman.

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Let’s look at the reasons why Bryce Young would be perfect for the Texans.

1. Coach DeMeco Ryans is a big fan

Consider DeMeco Ryans, the new head coach of the Houston Texans, a fan of Alabama quarterback and NFL hopeful Bryce Young.

“I know Bryce is an outstanding leader from what I’ve seen, and an outstanding quarterback,” he said earlier this month. “It’s no surprise the success that he’s had. Just because of the makeup, the type of guy that he is.”

Having a young, first-year head coach who played college football at Alabama is an ideal situation for Houston. This is particularly in today’s era where players have a greater influence on the game. A strong connection between the head coach and the quarterback is essential for a team’s success. If Young and coach Ryans were to grow and learn together, it would be an invaluable experience. Although it is difficult to quantify, a strong bond between coach and quarterback can be felt and would undoubtedly contribute to the team’s success.

Despite analysts’ criticisms of his size, Bryce Young is an almost flawless NFL draft prospect in terms of his on-field performance. Also, DeMeco Ryans has publicly defended Young’s height and weight. Coach Ryans has stated that he has seen what Young is capable of. A coach’s defense of his player against undue criticism and external noise contributes to the player’s confidence. It also strengthens the bond of trust between coach and player. Ryans has already demonstrated that he can provide this support for and alongside Bryce Young. If the Texans play their cards right, this could be a match made in Houston heaven.

2. A reunion

In the 2021 college football season, Bryce Young and John Metchie III formed an outstanding duo. With Young as his quarterback, Metchie recorded 96 receptions for 1,142 yards and eight touchdowns. That’s even with first-round wide receiver Jameson Williams also on the field and putting up impressive numbers as WR1. Unfortunately, Metchie was unable to play in 2022 due to a major health issue. If Metchie is cleared to play in 2022, having Young throwing passes to him again would be the perfect welcome back to the field.

Furthermore, Young has already expressed his interest in reuniting with Metchie during the draft process.

“I love John Metchie,” Young said. “For me, where I end up is something I can’t control. I’m going to give my all to whatever team it is that takes me. I’m just super excited to be here.”

3. An offense that could work

New head coach DeMeco Ryans has Bobby Slowik by his side on the Texans’ sidelines. Slowik is a first-year offensive coordinator whose name may not be familiar to many. However, he is expected to run an offense that has been highly successful in the NFL. The offensive system is projected to be based on the Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak tree. Keep in mind that this kind of offense has received widespread acclaim throughout the league. In fact, recall that one of Shanahan’s former proteges, Mike McDaniel, who is currently the coach of the Miami Dolphins, implemented this system with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in 202. Remember that their team made it to the playoffs in only their first campaign.

This is the kind of offense that maximize Young’s talents and further unlock his potential. He would be the perfect QB to run this. At the same time, this is the perfect type of offense to make him shine.

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