Chad Gable and Otis reveal their true feelings about the Maximum Male Models

On screen, the leader of the Alpha Academy, Chad Gable, really doesn’t like the Maximum Male Models or what they have been doing with his number one guy, Otis.

For… reasons, the proprietor of the MMMs, Maxxine Dupri, has taken a unique interest in Otis, maybe for his unique look, maybe for his commercial-worthy hands, and because the former member of Heavy Machinery has a noted thing for blondes – remember his love story for the ages with Mandy Rose? – he’s been increasingly receptive to leaving Gable in the past in order to hang out with the beautiful people backstage on RAW and SmackDown.

So naturally, when Gable and Otis were afforded a chance to talk about the Maximum Male Models in an interview with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, the Alpha Academy would take the opportunity to demolish the YouTube stars, right? Eh, not necessarily. No, for one reason or another, Gable and Otis worked themselves into a shoot and actually had some pretty kind things to say about their on-screen rivals.

Let me take a second to touch on those guys and Maxxine,” Gable said via Fightful. “They are finally getting a chance to do their stuff on a bigger level on TV. We have so much talent on our roster that doesn’t always get a chance to shine. It’s so cool to see them because I’ve known for a while, and if you watch any stuff they do on their own and put on YouTube, you can see how entertaining they are and how they dove in to these characters. You’re not always maybe the most happy with what the company is giving you from time to time, character-wise, I’ve spoken on the Shorty G thing in the past, but like me and them, I didn’t complain about it. ‘This is what they’re giving me, let’s make the most of it.’ Those guys got this modeling thing, they could have done the same thing and walked around with a boo boo face, ‘this sucks,’ but they are so committed to it in a way that is so endearing. People, the more they get of them, the more they are going to start to love to hate them in the best possible way.”

Now, for fans out of the know, before Gable was the proprietor of the Alpha Academy, he was nicknamed “Shorty G” for being 5-foot-8 by King Corbin, who was bullying the slightly below-average height Superstar for… reasons on SmackDown. While Gable was able to overcome the moniker at least somewhat, turning in great matches before being allowed to transition into the heel fans see on TV today, he was not a fan of the gimmick at all, as he noted in interviews over the years. In the opinion of Gable and Otis, the Maximum Male Models have done a much better job of figuring everything out, and really embracing their characters despite some early boos from fans and a leader change at the top of the faction.

Otis and Chad Gable have high praise for the Maximum Male Models.

Diving into the individual members of the Maximum Male Models, Otis and Gable decided to give each performer their shine, before tying it up in a bow with a creative suggestion that should make fans incredibly excited about the future.

“Mansoor, the banger he had with Cesaro [Claudio Castagnoli] in Saudi, I was there, and the crowd was already with Mansoor, but he built and built,” Otis said. “‘Holy h*ll, this kid is going to be a star.’ The way he says stuff during our backstage stuff, I always break. He calls Gable a little goblin. Little stuff that he says, he’s talented. Mace is a h*ll of a guy; his flexibility for a 300-pound guy is pretty d**n good. They all have the best and positive attitudes. That’s what you need, especially in this industry. Keep thinking positive. Everything is going to hit you hard in the a**, but keep coming on the way out.”

“[Maxine] is another one that is so committed to the gimmick and a true performer,” Gable added. “Anytime the camera goes on, and we’re filming something or in the arena, you have a hard time taking your eyes off her. She gets it. She knows how to make herself a spectacle, and that’s what we need here. She is great at that. When you combine the three of them, all their personalities, you’ll see little glimpses of the stuff we’ve done with them. Our playing off each other is clicking more than I expected it to. We have a lot of ideas we’ve thrown out, some pretty wild ones, that I hope they run with going forward. I hope this isn’t one of those flash-in-the-pan things that is going to be over within the next couple weeks. If I had it my way, this Male Model stuff is going to last all summer. We have ideas in the pipeline that can get us there. It’s going to be entertaining stuff that you’ve never seen before.”

Do you know what? I think I can speak for pretty much every member of the WWE Universe in saying that a summer of Alpha Academy-Maximum Male Models shenanigans would be must-watch television, even if it only gets a few minutes of television time each week.

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