The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 ending explained

Last week’s installment ended with Bo-Katan Kryze regaining the leadership of her forces just as she rightfully gets the Darksaber back from Din Djarin. With the former Mandalorian regent getting such a huge boost in support, it’s only a matter of time before she gathers more to her cause of taking Mandalore back. But before that happens, the series ends with a huge death in its seventh chapter this season. Learn what went down in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 ending explained.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 ending explained

In this week’s The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 recap, we see Elia Kane enter an alley on Coruscant as an Imperial probe droid meets her. The droid then relays Moff Gideon’s profile to her as she reports that Bo-Katan has joined forces with Din Djarin’s covert. After their short conversation, Gideon joins a meeting with other Imperial commanders about laying low so they won’t be found out by the New Republic. After mentioning Project Necromancer, they start to talk about Admiral Thrawn and his impending return.

At this point, Gideon starts to question Thrawn’s absence and urges the Shadow Council to follow new leadership. He then asks the other commanders to share their resources, prompting Commandant Hux to reveal that Gideon was the person responsible for bombing Bo-Katan’s castle. Gideon reiterates that he used these resources to attack the Mandalorians to prevent them from becoming a thorn in their plans. The entire council agrees, prompting the Imperial remnant to focus on them.

On Nevarro, we see its citizens in awe as Bo-Katan’s fleet arrives. The Armorer and her covert set out to meet Bo-Katan as the latter hope that these two groups unite for a common cause. As the two sides meet on the open grounds of Nevarro, the Armorer welcomes Bo-Katan’s forces as a feast will be prepared for them. Greef Karga arrives and presents a newly-repaired IG-11 to Din Djarin. Karga renames him as IG-12 and places Grogu inside to pilot the droid. The youngling starts to familiarize itself, even as Din vehemently protests.

At night, there is a visible division between the covert and Bo-Katan’s forces. This prompts the Darksaber’s owner to talk to every Mandalorian present and urge them to retake Mandalore for good. She then asks for volunteers to form a reconnaissance party that will check the planet out for any threats. Din volunteers himself and Grogu, as others follow his lead, including the Armorer herself.

The following day, Bo-Katan’s fleet leaves for Mandalore. Upon arrival, she drops the recon party to the planet’s surface where they secure the landing zone. After a few minutes of walking, a barge ship arrives and the people inside ask them for food. It’s later discovered that the three manning the ship are Mandalorians and they start to pay homage to Bo-Katan. They all proceed to have a meal and Bo-Katan reveals that she surrendered to the Empire to save Mandalore. Bo-Katan also mentions that she gave up the Darksaber as Moff Gideon betrayed them all as the Empire destroyed their planet’s surface.

After their shared meal, Din approaches bo-Katan to talk about what she revealed earlier. He reiterates his support and vows to serve her until the goal of bringing Mandalore back has been achieved. Meanwhile, the Armorer brings takes several survivors back to the fleet while some remained to lead Bo-Katan to the forge. The following day, just as everyone is heading to the Great Forge, a fight breaks out between Axe Woves and Paz Vizla over a board game. After slugging it out, Grogu gets in between the two and stops them both. As this is happening, the Armorer boards the injured survivors into the Mandalorians’ primary ship.

Right before they reach the forge, Bo-Katan and the others are besieged by a huge creature as it destroys their ship shortly after. They enter a cave and descend underground to escape it. Bo-Katan, Din, Grogu, and the other Mandalorians eventually reach the Great Forge, but they are attacked by Imperial troopers wearing Beskar armor and jet packs. Axe leaves to call for aid as the remaining Mandalorians gain ground against their opponents. As they start to advance, Bo-Katan’s forces discover that the Great Forge has been transformed into an Imperial base and that they have been caught in an ambush. Din is captured by stormtroopers as Moff Gideon arrives in Beskar armor similar to what the Mandalorians use.

With Din as his hostage, Gideon speaks to Bo-Katan and the other Mandalorians and tells them that he has created superior armor using the planet’s resources. He then orders his troops to decimate Bo-Katans’ fleet in orbit as Din is taken to a debriefing room. Paz Vizla and the others provide cover fire to give Bo-Katan enough time to create an escape path. Unfortunately, Paz is overpowered as the three Praetor guards Gideon acquired take him out. The episode ends with him dying on the floor as Din is taken hostage and Bo-Katan is on the run from Gideon.

What just happened? The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 recap

After six episodes, the first major move to take Mandalore back has finally begun in the latest chapter of the Mandalorian. At the same time, Star Wars fans are given a glimpse to Thrawn’s return via a Shadow Council continuing the work of the Empire after its defeat in Return of the Jedi.

With Bo-Katan’s position as leader firmly in place, the Mandalorians start their journey to retake their planet back. Unfortunately, it’s later revealed that Gideon has established an Imperial base on Mandalore before and has acquired the necessary resources and support to take out the Mandalorians. In the end, Paz Vizla sacrifices himself to give his comrades time to escape as Gideon’s ships are about to decimate Bo-Katan’s fleet. Stay tuned next week to find out how the events of this episode play out and what will ultimately happen to the Mandalorians.

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