Hulk Hogan reveals the inside details of this Infamous WCW event

In the vast and long-winding career of Hulk Hogan, few moments are as hotly contentious, and wholly discussable to this very day as his match – if you want to call it that – with Jeff Jarrett at Bash at the Beach 2000. Hogan’s final match in WCW, and arguably the moment where the promotion truly lost all of its credibility, both men entered the ring together and, after the latter dropped down to the floor in order to allow “Hollywood” to get the pin, both Hogan and Vince Russo went off on the mic, calling each other’s integrity, and the integrity of the entire promotion, into question.

While this tale has been told a number of times, too many to count for an event that was run roughly 23 years ago, there’s a new wrinkle that really adds something interesting to the story that just surfaced in 2023 in the form of an interview with Hogan from all the way back in 2000 that was released by The Bubba Army. In it, Hogan shared a lot, including how his contract’s creative control allowed him to veto any suggested finishes Russo sent his way before ultimately going with the Jarrett drop that will populate “worst finishes of all time” lists in perpetuity.

“I have a creative clause in my contract just in case somebody like Stephanie McMahon’s six year old daughter gives me a bad finish, I can cover myself. I’m gonna exercise the creative clause,” Hogan said via Fightful. “I’m gonna hit Jarrett with the boot, [Russo] is going to hit the ring. Duck the bat, powerbomb, hit Jarrett with the boot, one, two three.’ [Russo says], ‘FU, you can’t do that. FU, you son of a b**ch. You can’t do this to me.’ ‘Take it easy bro. It’s not a big deal. I’ll do the job for Jarrett, but I want out of my contract. If not, I’ll win the match by DQ, but tell me what you’re going to do with me. Lie to me. Out work me.’ ‘I can’t lie to you. I can’t do need anything with you. What do you want me to think of?’ ‘If you’re as good as you say you are, we have Vince McMahon tearing the house down, and apparently, you weren’t running that company there because I can see what a creative genius you’ve been here. Our whole business is in the tubes. Maybe you can’t think of anything. F**k it, brother.’ That’s when Bischoff gets into it and they start arguing because they have a bunch of problems. ‘Call Brad Siegel back, tell him I’m taking the belt off Jarrett.’ They call him back, he goes, ‘I’m reading Hogan’s contract, he had creative control over the body, content, and final finish of his matches. If he wants the belt, give it to him.’”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, now that is some very interesting information indeed and helps to explain why Russo got so gosh darn worked up. Fortunately, Hogan decided to discuss the finish to his match too, and needless to say, he worked himself into a shoot, brother.

Hulk Hogan wanted violence after Bash at the Beach 2000.

So, without further ado, what did Hogan think when Double J laid down in the middle of the ring to see what happened? Well, Hogan decided to share that too, and he explained what Jarrett said in the moment, which, frankly, is pretty sad.

“Two to three times, Jarrett doesn’t get in the ring,” Hogan said. “I think he’s working the crowd and we’re going to tear the place down. I got them right in the palm of my hand. When you have them like that, you can fart in the ring and the place will go crazy. Not like pulling teeth with Billy Kidman where you have to work your a** off and there’s no reaction.

This son of a b**ch gets in the ring and lays down. Russo looks at me, climbs on the apron, ‘F**k you, Hogan.’ He throws the belt at me. I look down at Jarrett, ‘Is this a rib? Why are you doing this?’ Jeff goes, ‘You always told me to do what I have to do.’ He’s laying in the middle of the ring and I’m talking to him. ‘Get up and wrestle. Let’s stick it up this guy’s a**. You’re one of the boys.’ ‘You’ve always said do what I have to do. I’m doing what I have to do.’ ‘You’re a f**king piece of s**t.’ I put my foot on him, they counted it, I took the belt, walked to the back and said, ‘F him.’ I came to the back and said, ‘Where’s Russo at?’ I couldn’t find him nowhere. I’m shaking so bad, I’m ready to cry. Here comes Russo, he pops up on the monitor. I scream, ‘Get Nick out of here.’ I was gonna go kill Russo and I didn’t want him to see it.”

Wow. Considering Russo handed Hogan arguably the most embarrassing moment of his career, it makes sense that the “Hulkster” would want some revenge, but asking for his son to be taken out of the venue so he wouldn’t see his son commit a murder? Now that is some next-level shooting, cowboy.

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