The 6 best Succession season 4 episode 3 one-liners, ranked

Succession’s latest episode this week delivered one of the most shocking twists in recent memory as Logan Roy finally bites the dust. After three seasons and a couple of episodes into the latest one, the famed Waystar Royco founder has finally lost his battle against time. With his demise, Logan’s legacy is up for grabs as his children and those who stuck with him are about to fight it out in the coming weeks. The most recent chapter, though, isn’t lacking when it comes to memorable lines. We take a look below at the best one-liners from Succession season 4 episode 3.

The 6 best Succession season 4 episode 3 one-liners, ranked

6. Gregging

One of the many great reasons to catch Succession on HBO Max is the dynamic between Tom and Greg. With things escalating between Logan and his children over the past seasons, Shiv’s about-to-be ex-husband finds some sort of kinship with Cousin Greg, however weird it might be.

The most recent episode saw Tom accompany Logan on his trip to meet Lukas Matsson in Sweden and Greg attending Connor’s wedding to Willa. Over the phone, Tom tells Shiv’s cousin that he has a couple of people Gregging for him, indicating that there are members of the team handling the mundane and dirty work while he and Logan are traveling. Greg reacts by saying not to turn him into a word, a plea Tom quickly brushes aside.

5. You push Cyd, Roman knifes Gerri, all in a day’s work

After his call with Greg, Tom welcomes Logan just as he and Karolina are about to board the plane. Before they do so, Logan gives the marching order to sack Cyd and Gerri for dropping the ball in different situations that proved to be crucial for their plans.

Just as the three are seen boarding the plane, Tom utters the line above to Karolina. This short one-liner shows just how cutthroat their world is, especially with Logan Roy leading them. It also exhibits a frigid approach to cutting people off after giving heart and soul to their cause.

4. I danced us through a f***king thunderstorm without us getting wet

Speaking of Gerri, Roman had the unenviable task of delivering the bad news from Logan to her at the start of Succession season 4 episode 3. After spending the first few minutes struggling with how he’ll say it to her, Logan’s youngest son finally does so in a neurotic mess that was pretty hard to watch.

As a response to the latest development of her life, Gerri goes on a rant about how she saved the company without any lasting damage. This prompted her to boast about how she got everyone through a thunderstorm without even one raindrop on them. The look on Roman’s face is one filled with surprise at the sudden lashing out of Logan’s general counsel and the once-interim Waystar Royco CEO.

3. I can’t forgive but it’s okay

After 10 minutes or so into Succession season 4 episode 3, Roman learns from Tom that Logan suddenly collapsed and isn’t showing any signs of life anymore. With the phone near their father’s ear, Tom urges Roman and Kendall to speak their final messages to Logan.

After Roman tries his best to spur Logan back to life, he hands it over to his older brother. Kendall, for his part, tells Logan he loves him. The more important part of his message is when Logan’s second-oldest son utters he can’t forgive him but it’s okay. In a way, the one-liner reeks of forgiveness, no matter how forced it was due to the situation at hand. In his own way, Logan’s impending death at that point shook Kendall to his core, leading him to be one with his grief shortly after.

2. I never even got the chance to make him proud of me

With Shiv joining Roman and Kendall, Connor was the only Roy kid left in the dark about Logan’s condition. After learning from the three what happened to their father, Connor instantly feels a rush of grief when he said that Logan never liked him at all.

This leads to Logan’s eldest child saying he never got the chance to make him proud, showing viewers how Connor sees this loss at that moment. Somehow, this momentary admission from him reverberated through social media as Connor will never have the chance to patch things up with his old man.

1. We intend to shepherd it through whatever its future may be

With the news of Logan’s demise leaking to the media, the three Roy kids stage a short press conference to address the issue at hand. After reading out a short statement that pushes them in front of the narrative, Shiv responds to one reporter’s query on what their roles will be moving forward.

Even with an earlier claim that she won’t be taking any questions, Shiv takes exception to this one and informs the public that they’ll shepherd Waystar Royco through whatever its future may be. She adds that they’ll be there, insinuating that Shiv and her brothers will be present in the upcoming board meeting to decide the leadership of Logan’s company.

It remains to be seen how the conclusion of episode 3 will play out in the coming weeks. Without a doubt, the one-liners Succession fans are going to get will be as awesome as what everyone got in the most recent installment of this hit HBO series.

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