Five League of Legends Champions Who Need a New Skin

League of Legends has an abundance of champion skins. In 2022, Riot Games released over 160 skins. Comparing this to the current number of champions which is 162 you would think that close to all champions received at least one skin last year and you would be wrong. Here are 5 League of Legends champions who didn’t get a skin last year, let alone for a few years.

All days were recorded at the time of writing. This list was last updated April 11th, 2023.

5. Wukong – 754 Days

Wukong enters this list as Riot has paid more attention to their long-neglected champions in the skin department such as Udyr, Aurelion Sol, Kalista, and Kled.

The Monkey King has 7 skins, with only one (Underworld Wukong) being in the Legacy Vault. He has risen in popularity in professional play recently, so hopes are high for Wukong mains to get a new skin for him. None of his skins are particularly impressive, and despite being in the game for almost 12 years now, he has yet to receive a Legendary skin. Maybe this long wait can be taken as a sign that they’re working on a standout skin for him? Who knows. If it does come to it though, and he remains relevant in professional play, there’s a world where we get a Worlds Wukong skin.

4. Alistar – 796 Days

As one of League’s oldest champions, Alistar has received many, many skins over the years. However, he’s been ignored for over 2 years now, and his most recent skins isn’t even that good.

Alistar was one of the release champions of League of Legends, and he became playable even before version 1.0. During his long tenure in the game and him being a mainstay as a tanking, supporting, teamfight engaging Minotaur has earned him more than a few skins in the wardrobe.

He amounts up to 14 skins, two of which are unavailable, one being rare, and six in the Legacy Vault including his most recent Lunar Beast Alistar.

He has regularly gotten a new skin back when the game’s champion pool was smaller, and some of these still hold up quality-wise. This means he will most likely not get a new skin in the near future, and importing from Wild Rift isn’t a choice either as it uses the same splash for whichever skins are available. For now, players will have to deal with Moo Cow Alistar spamming his cow bell for a little while longer before a new skin for the minotaur is released.

3. Shyvana – 810 Days

Shyvana hasn’t received new scales in a while, the last time being Ruined Shyvana which became available in January 2021.

With the recent developments of dragons in the game (hello, Hextech and Chemtech drakes!), it’s quite unfair that Shyvana has been lowkey ignored. Not only on the skins department, but she has yet to receive a stat tweak since patch 12.23.

While she does have some good skins, like Ruined Shyvana and Super Galaxy Shyvana, most of her portfolio is outdated compared to the rest of the flashy skins that everybody has been getting recently. Her outdated skins are borne from the fact that she is one of the more dated champions in the game, as she released in 2011.

A factor in this could be the fact that the Half-Dragon hasn’t been involved in the meta for quite some time. But, a recent update from Riot Games said that they will be porting over some skins and splashes from Wild Rift over to League PC, and Shyvana has modernized versions of Ice Drake Shyvana and Darkflame Shyvana in the mobile game.

2. Skarner – 868 Days

Skarner has not seen a new skin in a while, with the most recent being Cosmic Sting Skarner two years ago.

Skarner remains a niche pick in the jungle, however with the new tank items introduced in the Preseason, he’s been getting more attention. The champion itself was released in 2011, in one of the first patches of the game. Despite his age, he’s only received five skins in total, averaging a skin every 2.2 years. Fortunately for Skarner’s dedicated player base, he hasn’t been forgotten and has a VGU on the timetable. This might mean that our crystalline scorpion will have to wait a little longer for a new shell, though.

1. Dr. Mundo – 1587 days

Dr. Mundo, like the others in this list, also received a full relaunch on June 9, 2021. This meant that everything about the champion, including skins, was reworked and changed. That being said, it’s been a year and a half since, and an even longer amount of time has passed since his most recent skin, Frozen Prince Mundo, was released.

Frozen Prince Mundo was released in 2018 and received a very minor change when Dr. Mundo was relaunched. Other skins, like the Legendary skin Corporate Mundo, were changed drastically, but it sure is a mystery why the self-proclaimed doctor kept his wardrobe closed for long.

A majority of Dr. Mundo’s skins, including the most recent Frozen Prince Mundo, are in the Legacy Vault. Only four out of his 10 total skins are available normally.

Honorable Mentions

Rumble – 740 days

Rumble remains a niche pick across most skill levels, but with his unique design as a Yordle on a mech, it’s surprising his skins never went beyond “wild” or “space-themed.”

His most recent skin is Space Groove Rumble, released April 2021. His five skins are already showing their age, especially since Rumble has been around since 2011. Out of all of his skins, one is in the Legacy vault, and the other ones are just subpar choices. Hence, Rumble players usually use either Space Groove Rumble or Super Galaxy Rumble. It would be great if Riot took Rumble’s skin design somewhere more interesting, or just give him a visual rework like Ahri got recently.

Vel’Koz – 726 days

Vel’Koz is the only Void champion who has not received a skin in the last two years.

He has a good, albeit small, pool of skins. His most recent one, Blackfrost Vel’Koz, is ironically less popular than his other ones, like Arclight and Battlecast. He also is a niche pick so Vel’Koz players probably shouldn’t get their hopes up too high, but like Rumble, he also has a unique design and his skins can be taken many interesting ways.

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