Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact – What are the similarities?

With Honkai: Star Rail’s release date finally confirmed, you might find yourself wondering: Is Honkai: Star Rail similar to Genshin Impact? Is Star Rail like Genshin in any way? To answer these questions, here’s a list of the similarities between Star Rail and Genshin.

Whether you are a veteran of Hoyoverse games or someone who is new to them, this list should clear up a question a lot of people are asking: Just how similar is Honkai Star Rail with Genshin Impact, and what are their similarities? Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Warp – Wish

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Honkai: Star Rail will also have gacha elements. Similar to Genshin’s Wish function, players can Warp characters to their party. Other than characters, players can also Warp Light Cones, which we will talk about down the line. As with Genshin, the player has access to two types of draw tickets: the Star Rail Special Pass, and the Star Rail Pass. They function similarly to the Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Faint respectively. Players also get Undying Starlight and Undying Embers when drawing, which function the same as Genshin’s Masterless Starglitter and Masterless Stardust.

As with Genshin, there is also a pity system in place in Star Rail. Players get a guaranteed 5-star character within 90 rolls, while players will get a guaranteed 5-star Light Cone in 80 rolls in the Light Cone banner.

Light Cones – Weapons

Light Cones are the Weapons of Star Rail. Much like in Genshin, the Light Cones grant the players stats, as well as passive skills. Players can also Ascend these Light Cones to increase the stats they give. They can also Superimpose Light Cones, which is similar to the Refinement of weapons in Genshin. This improves the passive skills the Light Cones provide the player. Players can Superimpose Light Cones using copies of the Light Cone, up to four times for a maximum Superimposed level of 5.

Relics – Artifacts

Alongside Light Cones are the Relics, which are Star Rail’s Artifacts. Much like Artifacts, these Relics have a Main Stat, Sub Stats, and Set Effects. The Main Stats and Sub Stats include HP. ATK, DEF, Crit Dmg, Break Effect, Healing Boosts, and more. The Set Effects, like in Genshin, activate when the player equips 2 or 4 pieces of the Relic’s Set. This means players can mix and match Relics if needed. Of course, this also means that players will have to farm the proper Main Stats for their Relics, as well as hope that the Sub Stats they get from leveling the Relics are the right ones. Yes, rolling for the right Sub Stats is also in this game, for better or for worse

Additionally, on top of the 4-piece sets mentioned above, players can also equip an additional two relics, called Planar Ornaments. These Planar Ornaments are an additional pair of relics that also has their own 2-piece bonuses. This makes it so that players can have up to three set bonuses from their relics. Players can farm Relics from Caverns of Corrosion, while Planar Ornaments  are available in the Simulated Universe.

Eidolon – Constellation

Getting multiple copies of a character lets players upgrade that character’s Eidolon, which is very similar to the Constellation feature of Genshin Impact. As with Genshin, players can upgrade the character’s Eidolon to 6, which gives various passive upgrades to the characters. This includes bonuses to their skills, ultimate, and more. Like in Genshin, if a player gets a copy of the character past the seventh one, they will instead receive more Undying Starlight. They can then use this Undying Starlight to get 5-star Light Cones from the shop, or more Passes to Warp with.

Calyx – Domains and Leylines

Of course, you will need materials to level and ascend your characters, Light Cones, and Relics. That’s where Calyxes come in. They function as the game’s Domain and Leylines, letting players enter them to farm their needed materials. Much like the Domains of Genshin, players can also teleport to the Calyxes when exploring. The key difference between Calyxes and Domains is that players can decide how many waves they will fight in the Calyx. The more waves they fight, the more rewards they get. Of course, more waves also mean the player will use up more Trailblaze Power.

Trailblaze Power – Resin

Trailblaze Power is this game’s Resin system. Players will need Trailblaze Power to get rewards from the Calyxes. These recover at a rate of one Trailblaze Power per 6 minutes. Not only that, but players can also recover their Trailblaze Power using either Fuel (Star Rail’s Fragile Resin) or Stellar Jade (Star Rail’s Primogems). Unlike Genshin’s 160 Resin, however, players have a max Trailblaze Power of 180. While this may seem like a lot, it’s only really worth three max wave runs in a Calyx, so players will find themselves without Trailblaze Power frequently.

Assignments – Expeditions

Other than Calyxes, players can also get Character Materials, EXP Materials for Characters and Light Cones, Credits, and Synthesis Materials from Assignments. Much like the Expeditions of Genshin, players can send their Characters to various Assignments. Up to two Characters can go to any Assignment. The player can then choose the duration of the Assignment, to a max of 20 hours. The longer a character goes on the Assignment, the more rewards they get. As with Genshin, players can still use the characters who are out on an Assignment.

Synthesis – Cooking and Alchemy

Synthesis in Honkai Star Rail is a combination of both the Cooking and Alchemy mechanics of Genshin Impact. Players can Synthesize consumables, which like the food and potions of Genshin can heal players, as well as give them buffs. Not only that but players can also Synthesize materials for Character and Light Cone Ascension, as well as Character Traces. This serves as a way for players to utilize items they may not be using at the moment. Unlike Genshin Impact’s Alchemy and Cooking, however, players can Synthesize at any time in Honkai Star Rail.

Forgotten Hall – Abyss

For those wondering if Honkai: Star Rail has anything similar to Genshin Impact’s Abyss, rejoice. The Forgotten Hall is Honkai: Star Rail’s version of the Abyss. As with the Abyss, players have to make a team that will go up against a set of opponents. Depending on how long it takes them to clear the level, as well as how many characters survive on the team, the player will receive up to three stars. They can then trade this in for rewards, ranging from Stellar Jades to leveling materials.

Battle Pass

As with Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail also has a Battle Pass (it looks similar as well.) The Battle Pass has two versions, the free one and the paid one. The paid Battle Pass, called Nameless Glory, gives the player more rewards, from Warp Passes to Character materials, and more. To make progress in the Battle Pass, players must accomplish Daily, Weekly, and Periodical tasks, which vary from logging in daily, to accomplishing simple tasks, and more.

Level Rewards – Adventure Rank Rewards

Pom-Pom, the Conductor of the Astral Express, gives the player various rewards based on their level in Star Rail, much like how Katheryne gives the player rewards in Genshin Impact based on their Adventure Rank. These rewards include Fuel, Passes, Character EXP mats, credits, and more. These will help a lot in your journey, so make sure to return to the Astral Express often to get your rewards.


To wrap up the list of similarities between Star Rail and Genshin is the Camera function. The Camera function lets players take pictures of the sites and characters like in Genshin Impact. What makes the Camera in Star Rail stand out is that it’s similar to smartphone cameras. Players can either take pictures using the default camera, which lets them take pictures as if using a phone’s back camera. Alternatively, they can switch to a selfie camera, which lets them take pictures of their active character and whatever it they had their camera pointed at. It also has the same functionalities that let you change the active character’s facial expression and idle animation.

That wraps up all of the similarities and similar features of Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact. Honkai: Star Rail comes out on April 26, 2023. It will be available on iOS, Android, and PC via the official launcher and the Epic Games Store. Players interested in playing this game can pre-register on the game’s website, with rewards unlocking as more players pre-register.  You can also check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.

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